Big news!

The Reeds are officially homeowners!

Late yesterday afternoon, we closed on our new {to us} house. WE ARE SO EXCITED! Today begins a long weekend of packing and unpacking as we say goodbye to our cozy third-floor one-bedroom apartment.

Buying our first home has been an insanely stressful process, but hey, we're better because of it! Honestly, you think planning a wedding or combining finances as a newly married couple is stressful, but buying a house together is a whole other ball game.

Figuring out a realistic budget, sorting through home listings, talking through must-haves and "nice-to-haves" with our real estate agent, going to see properties in person, making an offer, countering back-and-forth until landing on the final sale price, holding our breath during the inspection, negotiating repairs and closing costs... it's been a doozy.

But through it all, we've strengthened our trust in the Lord, become more patient with one another, and gained a new sense of courage for stepping into the unknown. I'm so thankful to walk through life with a man who pushes me when I'm hesitant and reassures me when I'm anxious... because goodness knows buying a home has caused me alllllll sorts of anxiety. 

We've seen God work through our home-buying journey and know that He will use this home for HIS glory. To be in the same neighborhood as our church was a big priority for us so that we could truly be "in the community, for the community," and now we're so close we could walk to church on Sunday mornings, if we wanted to! We prayed for this house, for the Lord to take it away from us or slam the door shut in our faces if it wasn't His will, and we ultimately believe He's blessed this for us.

After our offer was accepted, the listing agent never put up a "sale pending" or "under contract" sign, which kind of bummed us out. I asked Thomas if we could swing by after church last Sunday to spend some time praying over the house, and when we turned onto our street, we both squealed when we saw that beautiful SOLD sign. And now it's ours!!

Can't wait to share photos of the house sometime soon! It's a two-story grey brick home with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It's pretty move-in ready, although we have a lengthy list of DIY and home improvement projects to make it ours. We intend on blogging the progress, so stay tuned!


  1. CONGRATS!! how grown up. I remember closing on our first house and when you get to the paper that shows how much money you actually end up paying with interest, I said, "this is more money than God has!" Anxious to see!

  2. So excited for you guys!! I know you will turn it into a beautiful home full of love! Can't wait to see pictures :]

  3. That is SO exciting! We're going through the process right now! Yey for an acceptance offer! Doesn't it just make you feel like a grown up?! Lol can't wait to see the beautiful home! Congrats again!

  4. Yay! I'm so happy for you! Looking for and buying a home can really be stressful. But thanks to your agent, it was all worth it when you saw the "SOLD" sign outside of your new home! Congratulations!
    Deron Tucker @


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