Paper Anniversary

Now that our one-year-and-one-month anniversary has blown by, it's about time this newlywed posted about our anniversary gifts. 

Thomas and I decided beforehand that we wanted to try sticking with the "traditional" wedding anniversary gifts for each year {paper, cotton, leather, etc.} but take a creative spin on them. Neither of us are subtle in offering up gift ideas for birthdays or Christmas, so we decided it would be a fun challenge to pick something for each other that went along with tradition.
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When thinking about a paper gift for Thomas, I immediately thought of traveling. My initial idea was to buy a really cool map, frame it, and then use colored push pins to plan out where we want to go together and where we've been before. That idea didn't exactly work out {ones I found online were too cheesy, expensive or gigantic}, so I started searching the Web for abstract maps. That's how I made the discovery of Herb Lester, a company out of London that creates "witty, pretty, curious and opinionated" travel guides. The design and typography immediately had me saying "heck yes!" and after using them for travel tips, we're going to frame these pretty babies. I'd love to own them all, but for Thomas I chose four... Austin {where we live}, San Francisco {where we've been}, Chicago {where we hope to travel to soon} and Paris {a dream destination}! Check out @herb_lester if you love to travel or just appreciate fun art. They sell stationary too!

Thomas hit a home run with my anniversary gift! He knows how much I enjoy writing and receiving handwritten notes, so he went to Paper Source to create personalized stationary for me. They're so beautiful I almost can't bring myself to write on them just yet, so if you receive one from me, you should feel especially loved.

Already trying to plan what I might get for T for our second anniversary. Cotton... new bedding? Clothes from J.Crew (can't go wrong there!)? I've got 10+ months to figure it out!

Does anyone else do traditional gifting for wedding anniversaries? 

If you missed the recap of our anniversary weekend, catch it here: "ONE YEAR: What We've Learned and a Weekend Away"


  1. Love these! How did I not know you were in Austin too! We are celebrating #4 in November, I had better start getting creative.

  2. Amanda,
    Your blog is so cute. I love the travel guide idea; I will definitely look into those for our next trip. We do the traditional gifts too! For our fourth anniversary in July, I got Chris a mug that said "Future Dr. Christopher Ball" on top with Eat. Sleep. Study. M.D. below it. I also included Psalm 128:2 "You will eat the fruit of your labor, blessing and prosperity will be yours." I thought it was perfect for this season of our lives. :)


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