Blogtember Day 11: Reliving a Memory

Being a newlywed, I think that the answer to this question is obviiiiiously my wedding day. But reposting past blogs for a blog challenge would technically be cheating, huh?

{shameless redirection to wedding posts}

Another memory I'd love to relive would be my mission trip to Uganda in May of 2010 with the college ministry at Highland Baptist Church. It was honestly the trip of a lifetime, but probably not the ONLY trip there in my lifetime! Thomas went to Uganda the summer after me, and it was clear to both of us after he returned home that we have places in our hearts for this country and its people. We want to go back together and serve side-by-side. 

There were so many things about my trip that I'd love to relive...
  • African sunsets. 
  • Watching the sun rise over the Nile River. 
  • Showering outside at night, looking up and seeing every single star in the sky!
  • Playing duck-duck-goose over and over and over again because hey, it transcends the language barrier.
  • Experiencing the sheer joy of Ugandan children learning about Jesus for the first time.
  • Watching kids ham it up in front of the camera because they rarely get to see themselves in photographs.
  • Laughter. Again with the language barrier... everyone laughs!
  • Journaling by lantern light at night. 
  • Sleeping under a mosquito net.
  • Ugandan rainstorms while sleeping under a tin roof. And I thought Texas thunderstorms were amazing!
  • Eating Ugandan "chapati" and rice & beans. 
  • Fresh pineapple for breakfast every morning and dessert at night.
  • Hiking to the top of Murchison Falls, the world's most powerful waterfall.
  • Singing songs from "The Lion King" soundtrack while on safari. 
  • Going on a SAFARI. Hello!? Seeing elephants, hippos, baboons, crocodiles, giraffes... simply amazing.  

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