Welcome {back} to my life.

We're up and running! After 28 days without the luxury of cable and Internet at our new apartment, the Reeds are now happily browsing the web, taking care of little chores online, and watching hours of HGTV and Food Network. We're happy to have our DVR back this week, too!

To catch you up on the fateful moving day of Friday, May 10th and what we've been up to since then...

Thomas and I decided to downsize {within our same apartment complex} to save some $$ for a future home. A 2-bed/2-bath apartment was so nice to have for the first nine months of marriage as we adjusted to living with a member of the opposite sex and merging all of our possessions. But after cleaning out our closets, purging a whole bunch we didn't need, and taking a look at our finances, we thought, "you know what? We can definitely live in a smaller, simpler space for the sake of saving money." When it came time to renew our lease, we made the decision to lose a bedroom and a bathroom. This meant moving from one third-floor apartment to another third-floor apartment in a separate building across the parking lot. Translation? We hired movers.

In the days leading up to the move, I held my breath each time I looked at the forecast. Thunderstorms were predicted all day Friday, so Thomas and I prayed prayed prayed that God would hold off the rain. Friday morning when I woke up, this is what my weather app said. Couldn't help but smile. The movers were scheduled to come between 10 and noon, and what percentage do you see at 11 a.m.? That's right - ZERO. You may think this is just coincidence, but I believe in a big God who also has a liiiiiiitle sense of humor. Here he's saying, "really, is a little rain that big of a deal? Trust me, you'll be just fine, rain or not." 

Moving day itself was a little crazy... it rained for several hours before the movers came, and right before I went to pick up the keys to the new place, I noticed that they were setting up ladders to re-paint our stairwell. You've got to be kidding me. I panicked, imagining the movers lugging our couch and mattress down the stairs and bumping up against the wet paint. Apartment management was no help, saying that the painters were "being paid and had to stick to a particular schedule" so they couldn't ask them to stop just for me.

I'll fast forward... at the end of the day, our move was {mostly} successful. The sun was out by the time the movers arrived and the paint crew just so happened to start painting another stairwell after my panic attack, so paint wasn't even an issue. We got everything into the new place, we cleaned out our old one, and the only thing that went awry was the fact that every previous tenant had Time Warner Cable and the apartment wasn't wired properly for our AT&T Uverse. But all that is fixed now!!

The busy weekend continued when we hit the road the next day to attend the beautiful wedding of our friends Matt & Melissa in Dallas. Gorgeous bride, beautiful venues {their reception was at a Biblical Arts museum - how cool is that?!}, and one blissfully happy couple, PLUS getting to see tons of Baylor friends! We had a blast. Oh, and did I mention that the bride and groom's family joined them on the dance floor for a surprise flash mob? Check it out here!

The weekend after that, Thomas and I held a garage sale at my parent's house. Oyeeeeee, was that a lot of work. Made some good cash, both got sunburned, and took the stuff that didn't sell to Goodwill afterwards. It felt good to get rid of things we'd been stashing in "to-sell" piles for forever.

Memorial Day weekend was spent in Houston as we celebrated yet another wedding, this one for Jenn {one of Thomas' grad school besties} & Stephen, the cutest high school sweethearts you'll ever meet. The reception was held at The Houstonian, so we got a room at the hotel and made a mini-getaway out of it, and we got to see Chris & Clara (Thomas' sister and her hubs) while we were there too!

Thennnnn, the day after Memorial Day, we headed to the west coast for a few days in beautiful San Francisco! Can't WAIT to share more about our trip!!


  1. Omg, you are a very busy woman! I watched the flash mob video! That's hysterical! What a really fun idea.


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