The Prologue to our San Fran Trip

Here's something you may not know: I'm NOT spontaneous. Thomas teases me that I "plan for spontaneity." I like to plan everything, even my free time, and a lot of my decisions are well thought out, deliberate and pretty safe.

So in the spirit of being more carefree and laid back, I suggested to Thomas that we take a vacation. You may be thinking, "come on Amanda, planning a vacation isn't that spontaneous." Maybe you're right, but what if I told you we planned this trip in just two days? Wouldya cut me a little slack? 

When Virgin America airlines announced they would be flying in and out of Austin, they had a huge sale on airfare to generate some buzz. Back in February, my mom forwarded me the link to check out the prices, suggesting that maybe Thomas and I might like to plan a fun trip. It's nice to dream, and I thought, "suuuure, I'll just look and see what places we might want to go someday." Clicking through the amazing rates, I spotted a city we've always talked about visiting. I realized then that I'd been bit by the travel bug and immediately texted Thomas from work... "what would you think about a trip to San Francisco in May?"

"Let's do it!!!!!!!!" he answered. 

I kid you not, we had our flights booked that same night, and by the next night, had reserved a place to stay in the city AND purchased our tickets for Alcatraz. That, at least in my books, is pretty spontaneous, thank you. Sure, we had to wait three months to actually go on the vacation, but the whole trip came together in no time. 

We flew out of Austin on Tuesday, May 28 and spent Wednesday through Friday exploring all that San Francisco and the Bay Area had to offer. Fisherman's Wharf, a double-decker bus tour of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, Napa and Sonoma, Alcatraz and China Town, Coit Tower... we did it all. 

Stay tuned - photos and more blog posts to come! 


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