My Last Day as a Molleur

{This post begins my series of wedding recaps! I know, I know, it's about time, right? DISCLAIMER: to my Molleur family, I'm still a Molleur at heart though my last name is different.}

I only worked Monday and Tuesday of our wedding week, and Wednesday and Thursday were full of last-minute wedding errands as I tied up loose ends. That's why Friday was so wonderful - I knew that the real wedding plans were behind me, friends and family were finally in town, and it was time to relax and soak in every moment of the wedding weekend.

Friday morning began with a bridal luncheon at the home of a long-time church friend. Nancy and her husband were in a Bible study group with my parents when I was growing up, so our families have always been close. Nan and Mom are also part of the same "Bunko Babes" group, playing every single month for 10+ years!

The morning was full of great food, mimosas, adorable cookies personalized to our wedding colors, lots of photos, and one amazingly thoughtful gift from my bridesmaids and house party gals!

Couldn't get enough of these cookies from Paige's Bakehouse!
These girls know how to make a bride cry. This book will be cherished forever! 
Some of my favorite women in the whole world. 
After the luncheon, we made our way to Peace Love Nails for some pampering before the rehearsal. If you're an Austin bride looking for a place for pre-wedding manicures/pedicures, or if you just want to plan a get-together with friends, this is where you want to be. You can bring in your own food for the party {I had Tiff's Treats delivered}, they serve complimentary wine {yeaaaayuh!}, and they close the salon to walk-ins and other appointments, so you've got the whole place to yourself. I also brought the Bridesmaids DVD for some good laughs. It was perfect!

I LOOOOOVE their wallpaper!

All day I was asked if I was nervous, if I could believe the wedding was finally here, or if I had butterflies. I honestly felt like it was another shower, or even round two of my bachelorette party. I knew we were celebrating the upcoming wedding, but I don't think it really hit me until we arrived at the church for the rehearsal... when I saw Thomas for the first time that day. When his eight groomsmen showed up, all smiles. When we started talking stage placement, and the musicians were practicing, and my adorable cousins were being taught how to be a ring bearer and flower girl. When my dad and I took that stroll down the aisle. Enter the butterflies. This is actually happening! 

Our rehearsal dinner took place at The County Line just down the road for some good ol' Texas BBQ.  The decor was beautiful, many thanks to my sister-in-law Clara and friends Laura, Kim, Debbie, and Janet. They asked what I had in mind and my only request was sunflowers. They went above and beyond with gorgeous ones, plus burlap table runners, floating candles, photos of us everywhere, personalized mason jars... it was so darn cute.

The County Line has two locations in Austin - one on the lake and one on the hill - and the outdoor patio of "the hill" location {where we were} provided many a photo opp for everyone. Gotta love the Texas hill country!

Dinner was excellent. I even managed to not get any BBQ sauce on my white dress! The sweet tea was flowing, Thomas was surprised by a family friend with his favorite chocolate sheet cake for dessert, and everyone was having a grand time.

Gifts for the bridal party. I gave my girls a clutch to carry {photos coming soon!}, along with jewelry to wear with their dresses. The boxes with the "tie" ribbon {done by Mr. Thomas Reed himself} contained a mason jar of beer bread mix etched with each guy's initials, along with two Texas beers - one to drink and one to use to make the bread.

We gave our parents nice picture frames for them to use for wedding photos, and as a placeholder for the yet-to-be-taken photo, we wrote heartfelt notes of thanks. Definitely tearjerkers.

Reed/Molleur siblings

The night ended at one of our favorite spots, Kona Grille at The Domain, for a drink with friends, and then Thomas drove me home -- for the last time ever! It was definitely surreal, thinking the next time I saw him would be our wedding day. I still had some packing to finish up for the honeymoon, so my sister and MOH Sarah stayed up late with me, helping to pack as we watched Father of the Bride.

Friday was just the best. AH! Our hearts were so full and happy!


  1. That sounds so wonderful. Like a truly relaxing day before the big day! So fun! We love the County Line! And that Love Peace Nails sounds awesome. Free wine. Heck yes! :)

    1. Hey Heather! It WAS relaxing. :) Wish I could send some County Line your way, but not sure it would still taste good by the time it arrived. Is there any good BBQ in China? Is that even possible?

  2. Amanda, just came over from Jenn's blog. Looks like I'll meet you on Saturday. Your wedding festivities looked so fun! It's like deja vu because my sister got married in May and her wedding was at the Riverbend Chapel and her reception was at County Line, too! ha. Hers was at CL on the lake, but still fun to relive it.

    Have a great day! ~ Tiffany

    1. Oh hooray! And you know my good friend Jenni Kriegel! :)

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! I am going to have to look into that nail place! I also LOVE those cookies! So cute!

    1. Yes, definitely look into it! It was so nice not having to worry about walking in to a normal nail salon and saying, "hi, 12 pedicures please?" Especially when we only had 2.5 hours before the rehearsal started. I love watching your countdown on Instagram - you're getting so close!!

  4. :) So awesome. I love seeing other people's special moments. Love the picture frames to your parents. Such a sweet idea!

  5. It was such a lovely summer party!! The entire party time was great. I wish I could have attended this party. Well, my friend also threw late summer wedding party at most beautiful Chicago wedding venues. We all had so much fun in her party.


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