November Weekends: Baylor Homecoming

Baylor Homecoming is one of my favorite holidays. Yes, I said holiday. Because it truly is. Reunions with friends, hanging out at the bonfire, staying up late to watch Pigskin Revue, getting up early the next day to watch the nation's largest and oldest collegiate homecoming parade {the Smithsonian Museum says so!}... it's all just magical. Follow it all up with tailgating and an amazing football game, and you've got yourself the PERFECT Baylor weekend. 

Our 2012 Homecoming weekend included dinner at George's, prime parade-watching sitting atop the Baylor sign in front of the SUB, ADPi breakfast in the chapter room, grilling and chilling at the Phi Chi tailgate, a W for the football team {even though we left early because of a rain delay}, and a trip to Katie's Custard

Here's a look back on our weekend in the Wack...


  1. Hi! :-) I found you through Wynne's blog! :-) I went to Baylor too! :-)

  2. Hi Elizabeth! When did you graduate? I was May '11. Excited to follow your blog/Twitter!


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