Here Goes Nothing.

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Every great idea has its simple beginnings. Some ideas are born at the most inconvenient times, like when I'm trying to fall asleep, when I'm in the shower, or during my downtown commute. Can anyone else relate? I don't always have a pen and paper, or I can't be on my phone at the time to jot down a little note. Not wanting the idea to completely escape me, I develop the idea further, brainstorming to try and make the idea stick.

Some ideas never leave my head. I dwell on the "what ifs" and then the feeling I had of "oh I'm so brilliant" fizzles. "Hah! Like that would ever work," I think.

Some ideas get me so inspired that I have to drop everything I'm doing to dive right in. I feel like "if I don't make this happen right now, I never will." 

And some ideas, like this very blog, scare me. I'm no stranger to blogging, but something about introducing this new one makes me nervous. I can't tell you how many times I've rewritten content, gone back and forth on the design concept, and thought to myself "maybe I'll just wait another week before I launch this thing."

But there's one thing I know about being a creative person, and that's that the creative process is never really over. Even when a project is complete, you may feel like it's not really finished. There's always something more you feel like you could do, right? Just one more tweak. One more little detail. 

And that's the way it is with this blog. It will always be an evolving project. I shouldn't be afraid of it being just right. Because if I waited until then, this blog would never take flight.

I've been dreaming about this blog since before the wedding. Amidst the the cake tasting, the vendor meetings and the dress fittings, this project was also in the works. I enlisted the help of a super talented blog designer, Bobbi-Jo O'Gilvie of "Ready to Blog Designs," and I'm so excited about what she created. Girl, you're amazing!

So, there you have it. "Reed All About It" is officially official


  1. welcome to the wonderful world of married people blogs!! can't wait to REED more about it!

  2. It's perfect! Love the creativity and honesty. I can't wait to keep reading more posts :)


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