Why I Blog

I was blogging before it was cool. Before there was ever such thing as a "web log."

As a kid, Mom made me keep a journal every day of the summer. Without homework to pass the time, she wanted my sister and me to stay disciplined and keep our creative juices flowing.

In the moment, I'd reluctantly pick up my journal and accuse Mom of stealing my summer joy. Memories were scribbled down and then I'd run off to do more important things.

But I love those memories! It makes me smile to flip through those pages and remember who I was back then. I was a creative spirit, that's for sure, even as a nine or 10-year-old. I had a talent for elaborating the simplest details. I'd write about my day as if I was a journalist telling the most exciting story {which makes it all the more entertaining to read now}.

Without knowing it, Mom instilled in me a LOVE for writing. A love that's carried over into enough journals to fill a bookshelf.

So why do I blog? 
I blog as an outlet & a hobby.
I blog to stay connected with family & friends.
I blog to slow myself down so that I cherish the little things in life.
I blog to share my heart, my faith, my joys & frustrations, my latest obsession or favorite recipe.
Most importantly, I blog so that I can look back and remember.

My desire for this blog is for it to be a place of creativity and fun for me. When it stops being that place, I know it's time to step away from the blog for a minute. If blogging ever becomes a burden or a stress, if I'm sacrificing sleep or time with my husband, family or friends, you won't find me blogging.

I love life and I love to blog. Glad you're here to "Reed All About It."

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