About Us

{photo by Rebecca Cash, Captivating Photography}

"All About" Mrs. Reed
Redeemed by Jesus
Graduated from Baylor with a degree in journalism/PR
Communications Coordinator at a financial tech company
Photographer by hobby 
News junkie and social media nerd
Big-time bargain hunter
Grew up dancing and misses it every day
Never too scared to try a new recipe 
Born in Alaska {yes, really} but grew up a Texas girl
Loves coffee, candles, shopping, crafting, lazy Sundays and reality television

"All About" Mr. Reed
Seeks Christ in all things
Completed both undergrad and graduate degrees at good ol' Baylor U
Spends his days as a Speech Language Pathologist
Jokingly insists that you call him Mr. Thomas Reed M.S. CFY-SLP. He earned those letters.
Plays a mean game of tennis and cooks an equally impressive pot of gumbo
Will always challenge you to try and beat him in Disney "Scene It"
Member of the Phi Kappa Chi brotherhood
Born in Memphis, lived in OK and NC and grew up in Louisiana
Regularly works French phrases into conversation
Loves crime TV shows, super heroes, racquetball, sign language and the Texas Rangers

We met at Baylor, became best friends, decided to date, and then Amanda left to study abroad in Europe for three months. Talk about long distance! The beginning of our relationship was built on Skype dates, emails and handwritten letters. Junior and senior year, we grew even closer, fell in love, and Thomas popped the question before graduation. He stayed in Waco for graduate school, Amanda moved home to start her career, and we endured a long-distance 16-month engagement before tying the knot on August 18, 2012. 

"Reed All About It" is a place for us to chronicle God's goodness and cherish the memories of our little life together. 

{photo by Taylor Lord Photography}


  1. So fun! Just saw the link to your blog on Friday's YHL post, then popped over to see your blog. I love your "Meet the Reeds" descriptions above... it's so encouraging to meet another follower of Christ, that honors Him on her blog. :) Blessings to you, my sister that I've never met. :)

    I too read Young House Love pretty regularly, and met them in Richmond, VA (actually in the "Nov. 15 photo" from that post http://www.younghouselove.com/2012/12/beauty-queens-bouncers-crafting-stock-dogs/).

    So nice to 'meet' you here!

    1. Hi Randa! Thanks for your sweet comment, sister. Nice to meet you too!! Do you have a blog I could follow?

  2. Say the link for your blog on facebook this morning. So blessed by what I read about you and "Mr. Reed." I just married a Reed (his first name) 25 days ago, and looove being a newly wed, too! Keep up the good work on the blog!

    Rachel Heim

    1. Hey Rachel, thanks so much! I saw the photos that Rachel Badders Whyte took - everything looked AMAZING! Hope you're loving married life! :)